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The Church calls on us to transform the liturgical environment throughout the year in order to emphasize the seasonal mood during Mass in ordinary time and in the holy seasons. We are not simply decorators; our mission is to help glorify the word of the Lord by beautifying the environment of the church with fabric, artwork, and plants. This ministry has grown in number of participants and has become a community effort. Families donate their time to pick up Easter lilies, poinsettias, and palms while others donate their time to water the inside plants. Some volunteers come in to design the flower arrangements; men drive the lift to cover the saints and crucifix during lent; students help place Christmas ornaments on the two 14' trees alongside the altar. A great accomplishment of this ministry is helping build a sense of community among parishioners focused on beautifying the church and thereby inspiring greater reverence.


Meets: Periodically - time/location per meeting notice

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