Altar Servers' Ministry

What We Offer

These boys and girls assist the priest at mass. This program trains new altar servers, schedules the serving rotation, and communicates new procedures and inspirational messages on a periodic basis. Altar serving is a good way to get young people more interested and involved in their faith and their parish. Prospective servers must have received their first holy communion. They learn about the mass in greater depth in order to understand what they are doing and identify with their role as a sacred minister. Servers also learn about the architecture of the church, the terms of the liturgy, how to wear the alb, and the actions to accomplish when serving at mass. Mass is the worship activity most Catholics engage in frequently. Through participation in such an intimate way the servers help lead the parish in the worship of God.


Meets: Periodically - time/location per meeting notice or mass announcement

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Altar Servers' Ministry Contacts

Richard Evert | | 760.751.3951
Gwyn Evert | 760.751.3951